Pew Kneelers

More than 40 years ago a patent was issued for a pew kneeler design that made old-fashioned wooden kneelers obsolete. As with today's Atwood-Hamlin kneeler, the original Hamlin design featured sturdy, lightweight, metal construction with comfortable upholstered padding. After years of continuous use in churches throughout North America, Hamlin kneelers are still in service, thanks to flexible features like replaceable pads and legs. Over the years, these exclusive design features have been backed by Hamlin’s highest craftsmanship and materials.

Exceptional features
for durability and comfort.

Pew Kneeler Pew Kneeler

Atwood-Hamlin kneelers stand up to years of use because the support frames are made of heavy gauge metal.

The thick plywood kneeler base features specially formulated, non-crumbling Polyurethane foam padding, covered with wear resistant vinyl upholstery in your choice of colors.

Nylon bushings, rubber shock absorbers and newly designed integrated rubber foot pads combine to ensure silent operation.

Upgrade options

for existing Atwood-Hamlin Kneeler installations

No matter how old your current Hamlin kneeler installation, you can obtain a variety of easy to install upgrades or replacement parts. For example, new upholstered kneeler pads may be ordered to suit changes in your decor. Or, you can replace our old-style kneeler legs with our new, guaranteed unbreakable leg design that features an integrated rubber foot pad that can't be removed or fall off.

Spring Lift Kneeler

Spring Lift Pew Kneeler

These optional spring-action lifts make it easier to raise and lower kneelers. They offer complete comfort and quiet devotion, without embarrassing or disturbing kneeler noises and thumps.

  • Lightweight, durable metal frames that provide long, trouble free service.
  • Guaranteed unbreakable legs with integrated rubber foot pads that can’t be removed or fall off.
  • Rubber stops that absorb shock and prevent banging noise when kneelers are raised.
  • Long lasting foam padding with a special density to provide maximum kneeling comfort.
  • High quality vinyl or fabric covering in a large variety of colors and designs.

Exclusive patented design, combined with superb construction materials and second generation quality craftsmanship, make these pew kneelers the finest available anywhere.

Please provide the following information when requesting a quotation for Pew Kneelers
Pew measurement
  1. Provide opening size in inches.
    Opening: ____________"
  2. Provide distance from floor to bottom of Pew at Back.
    Distance: _____________"
  3. Is the Base of the Pew End flush inside or is it wider than the body?
    Flush  Wider by__________"  Height of Base:___________"
  4. Are the Supports set in further than the Pew Ends?
    Not set in         Set in by ___________ "
  5. Provide distance from edge of Pew End to point of intersection of the Pew Seat and Back.
    Distance: ____________"
  6. Please send photographs of Pew Supports and Ends, if possible, to confirm above information. Send info to

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