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Portable Baptistry    

The 6P portable baptistry is perfect for churches that are new, have limited space, are in a transitional or non-traditional setting, don’t have room for a built-in baptistry or are a portable church. The portable baptistry deluxe package allows your church to hold a baptismal service just about anywhere.

Our portable baptistries are designed to be easy to set up and use. There is no assembly required with either of our models.

The baptismal candidate enters via the steps (included with the cabinet or deluxe package option), sits on the built-in seat, and is baptized by the minister, who is standing behind the portable baptistry.


If you have questions or need more information check out the portable baptistry FAQ below or feel free to contact us.

 Portable Baptistry  Portable Baptistries Portable Baptismal Pool 
   Portable Baptistry Heater  

Available in Two Tone Stain 

No Additional Charge

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Portable Church Baptistry Models

Portable Baptistry Deluxe Packages



  • Unfinished oak cabinet (with lid, steps and cross).
  • Wheel kit with locking casters.
  • Factory plumbed circulation heater. Heater plugs into standard outlet.
  • Built-in drain valve for easy draining using standard garden hose.


  • Stained cabinet (choose from 24 different colors) + $295.00
  • Hand rail kit (handrail is removeable when not in use). + $159.95
  • Additional set of casters. + $107.00
  • PPO finish if you need to leave water in tub for extended period. + $231.25
  • Insulated cover (can be selected in place of oak top if desired) + $369.00
  • Communion Front with “This Do In Remembrance Of Me” +$150.00/$165.00
  • Free standing lectern. + $150.00/$165.00

Portable Baptistry Deluxe Package

Package Pricing


6P Deluxe - $2,204.00


6PXL Deluxe - $2,304.00

*Prices do not include shipping.

A La Carte Pricing for Portable Baptistries    

Model 6P


Dimensions: 32¾” W x 76” L x 38¼” H

6P w/ Frame Only $860.00
6P w/ Oak Cabinet $1575.00
Stain Cabinet (click for colors)
Hand Rail Kit (click for photo)  $159.95
Wheel Kit $275.00
BES 7000 Circulation Heater $438.00
Factory Plumbed* (BES 7000) $250.00

Tub Colors: Blue, White or Bone
* Factory Plumbed (heater sold seperately)
Prices Do Not Include Shipping

 6P Portable Baptistry

Click image for larger view



Model 6PXL

Dimensions: 32¾” W x 88” L x 38¼” H

6PXL w/ Frame Only $925.00
6PXL w/ Oak Cabinet $1675.00
Stain Cabinet (click for colors) $295.00
Hand Rail Kit (click for photo)  $159.95
Wheel Kit $375.00
BES 7000 Circulation Heater $438.00
Factory Plumbed* (BES 7000) $250.00

Tub Colors: Blue, White or Bone
* Factory Plumbed (heater sold seperately)
Prices Do Not Include Shipping

 6PXL Portable Baptistry

Click image for larger view



Hand Rail Kit For Portable Baptistry


Inlcudes: Handrail made of aluminum and mounting bracket, painted black

Portable Baptistry Handrail

Portable Baptistry

Hand rail removed for storage.

BES 7000 Baptistry Heater


  • The perfect solution to heat a portable baptistry!
  • Plugs into regular outlet (no special wiring needed).
Portable Baptistry Heater

Installation Kit (included)

The colors shown are for reference purposes only. 

Natural Oak 209

Golden Oak 210B

Provincial 211

Red Oak 215

Puritan Pine 218

Ipswich Pine 221

Sedona Red 222

Colonial Maple 223

Special Walnut 224

Red Mahogany 225

Early American 230

Gunstock 231

Red Chestnut 232

English Chestnut 233

Cherry 235

Fruitwood 241

Golden Pecan 245

Jacobean 2750

Driftwood 2126

Dark Walnut 2716


Portable Baptistry FAQ

  1. How to Fill Your Portable Baptistry? Typically the portable baptistry is filled with water from a standard garden hose either from outside or attached to your faucet (using an adaptor). We recommend that you move the baptistry into place and then fill it. Our portable baptistries weigh around 350 pounds and hold about 100-125 gallons of water (depending on model). Water weighs about 8 pounds per gallon so figure on your full baptism pool weighing around 1,100 – 1,300 pounds.
  2. How to Drain Your Portable Baptistry? Both the 6P and 6PXL portable baptistries come standard with a built in drain valve. You can simply connect a standard garden hose to the drain and empty the water to an interior drain or outside. You will want to empty the baptistry after each use for sanitary reasons, unless your portable baptismal pool has our PPO finish which allows water to be left in the tub for extended period. If water is left in the portable baptistry you will want to treat it with regular pool chemicals to help keep the water sanitary. You can also purchase a submersible pump from you local home improvement store for a faster draining option.
  3. Can I leave the baptistry on the wheel kit when full of water? We do not recommend that you do this since as mentioned above the baptistry with water in it will weigh between 1,100 – 1,300 pounds. You will want to remove the portable baptistry from the wheel kit prior to filling it with water. We do offer an option to add an additional set of heavy duty casters to the wheel kit (at additional cost) if you plan to use the baptistry on a concrete floor.
  4. What is included with the Portable Deluxe package? The Portable Baptistry Deluxe Package is the popular choice for most of our customers because it comes with everything you need in the base package to start baptizing right away. It includes an unfinished oak cabinet (with lid, external steps, and cross mounted to the front of the cabinet), wheel kit (made from welded angle iron and heavy duty locking casters), factory plumbed BES 7000 Series, Hydro Quip, circulation heater with built in GFI (plugs into standard outlet, no special wiring is required), built in drain valve, and your choice of our standard tub colors (blue, white or bone).
  5. Can I purchase the portable baptistry without a cabinet? Yes, we offer a frame only option in both the 6P and 6PXL model portable baptismal pools. The frame only option gives you the ability to enclose the tub in a finish that may suite the interior of your building better than our standard cabinet options. Exterior steps are not included with the frame only option but can be purchased seperately.
  6. What is the difference between the 6P and 6PXL? The basic difference is the 6PXL model is approximately 12” longer than the 6P.
  7. Will the portable baptistry fit through a standard door? Yes, both the 6P and 6PXL will fit through a standard 36” wide door (without the lid on the cabinet).
  8. What type of heater do you recommend for my portable baptistry? We recommend either the BES 7000 series or PBES 6010 circulation heaters for a portable baptismal pool. A circulation heater is much more efficient than an immersion heater because it circulates the water. The BES 7000 series can be plumbed directly to the portable baptistry and the PBES 6010 offers a submersible pump which does not require drilling any holes. You simply place the submersible pump in the water which is attached to the heater (which is located outside of the baptismal pool) by 2 hoses and plug it in to a standard 110 outlet. Both circulation heaters have a built in GFI for safety. Both portable baptistry heaters work off of a regular 110 outlet, so no special wiring is required.
  9. What is the PPO Finish? PPO stands for “Premium Plus Option”. The PPO finish allows for water to be left in the portable baptistry for an extended period of time. The PPO is a product that is applied to the mold of the baptismal tub prior to the Gel Coat. This helps prevent blistering or discoloring of the baptismal tank. We recommend that the water be drained every 3 months and allow the tank to dry for 36 – 48 hours before you fill the baptismal pool back up. A regular pool chemical can be used while water is in the baptismal tank to help keep the water clean for baptisms.
  10. How are deliveries of Portable Baptistries Handled? We use a variety of companies to ship our portable baptistries. Typically they will be shipped using a LTL common carrier. All of our standard shipping will be a tailgate delivery (customer is responsible for getting the piece/s from the tailgate of the truck to inside the building) and must be delivered to a business address (residential addresses are an extra charge). 

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