Portable Baptistry Heaters

The Portable Baptismal Heater System is offered in two models, the PBES6010 and the PBES6040.

The PBES6010 is a 1kW unit and is recommended for baptistries up to 150 gallons. The unit includes a 15' 15’ power cord with built in Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI). The PBES6040 is a 4kW unit and is recommended for baptistries up to 750 gallons. This unit DOES NOT have a built in GFCI.

We recommend that you purchase a GFCI Breaker. The unit includes a 15' power cord with a 220/240V plug which MUST be plugged into a dedicated 240V supply (like a 220 line for a dryer).
Portable Baptistry Heater




Portable Baptistry Heater
Baptistry Heater

These portable circulation baptistry heaters do not require any cutting, drilling, plumbing or modification to your baptismal pool


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